Kim Layani's story

Kim Layani is a young woman whose life is marked by enthusiasm, creativity, and avant-garde. From the prestigious Penninghen School in Paris, to the renowned MJM institute, Kim forges her inventiveness and attention to detail there in order to understand her passion. 

The apprenticeship she acquired during her prestigious and multiple studies led her to renowned companies.

Eternal dreamer, she nourishes her inspiration and motivation during these multiple trips, and gives a spiritual and visual meaning to each of her projects. 

It was finally in 2017 that Kim decided to tell her own story, and founded the house "Coppery". The term "Coppery" means the color copper in English, symbolic color of elegance, luminosity, and energy. The company, like its founder and her sparkling eye, then offers real support in the architectural and interior design project.

The Coppery house is now the ones to follow, its desire to expand its borders arouses notable curiosity thanks to its imaginative strength and its multiple timeless proposals. 


Our expertise

Coppery Architecture makes a point of offering bespoke luxury for your interiors. Thanks to their experience and their extensive knowledge of materials and trends, the Coppery architecture teams work with precision on their clients' wishes. Through these multiple accomplishments, the Coppery agency has surrounded itself with the best partners and retains their service providers.

Indeed, the agency's motto is to combine experience and rigor with creation and elegance.